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Ruthy Alon Ph.D

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 water carrier's walk


The Movement Intelligence Answer
Bone Strength and Weight Bearing Posture

Bones for Life -
Full program 24 DVD Discs set

$ 110

Before and After
4 days of Bones For Life course

Learning Step by Step the Movement 
Answer To the Functional Failure 
of Bone disintegration  (Osteoporosis)
Created and presented by Ruthy Alon
Feldenkrais Institute, New York,  2007.
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Edited by Gretchen Langner


The 24 DVD discs (visual) contain the full Bones for Life program,  
offers extensive step by step, individually sensitive  working guide, 
to immune bone from fracture by adapting a dynamic
and impactful style of moving,
loading the body with higher tone of power in easy to do 
Bouncing on the heels, which  motivates the bones
to actualize their destiny, become stronger
and resist the collapse of the body weight to gravity.

Securing a streamlined posture for navigating
the increased mobilizing force of walking throughout
the entire skeleton in a safe Domino Effect quality
of transmission, avoiding compression, deviation or loss of power.
Using a wall and a wrap as green-house climate
for facilitating change of counterproductive habits,
In harmony of  full body involvement.

The emphasis of the self reorganization of personal coordination
is on Safety First, protecting the vulnerable joints while in action; Decompressing Lumbar spine; Aligning the neck with the body
Axis; Stabilizing hip joints; Restoring springiness of knees 
and ankles; Adjusting efficient focus of pressure in feet.
Acquiring strategies to recover balance; Learning how to fall
without injury; Lifting weights 
in a safe Bio-Mechanical pattern:
Activating the intimate network of Sphincters as the Anatomical
anti-gravity lever of moving.
Exploring efficiency proved of primal self mobilization 
patterns  locomotion  out of the living world;
Following the winning model for immune Bone from fracture,
as in the water carriers walk.
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